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Toshiba Encore 8

This page is a work-in-progress.

  • Windows installer does not work, recommend using USB only.

BIOS 1.80 (WT8-A32M)

Cold booting into boot selection requires holding Power and Vol+ both, simutlaneously until the selection UI appears on screen. This is different from most systems where you release the power and continue holding volume key.

Android currently boots properly when rebooted from Windows. It appears there are some ACPI tables that the BIOS doesn't set properly when cold booting. Requires further evaluation.

To boot properly, boot Windows, then go to advanced startup options, select Use a Device from Windows recovery and chose the flash drive.

TODO: Try installing to eMMC, see if that bypasses.

Wi-Fi is working on initial scan during OOBE, but fails if not connected during OOBE. Bluetooth is not working.