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Welcome to the Console, Inc Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki for Console, Inc! Located here is an information repository for all of our products, both production and experimental.

For additional support for all Console products, the Console Forums are open and staffed with Console teammates, as well as the entire community, to get your questions answered as fast as possible.

OpenHU Project (New!)

The OpenHU Project is our new effort to continue the open-source Android Auto Head Unit application, originally developed by the late Mike Reid.

In a nutshell, the OpenHU app will allow you to take most modern Android tablets, and use them as an Android Auto receiver for your car. It is fully open-source, and we're taking over leadership of the project, in order to keep a great app going.


Necessary Note: OpenHU is not a Google application. Google owns all related Android trademarks and intellectual property related to Android Auto.

Console OS™ (Experimental)

Console OS™ with Android is the first commercial distribution of the Android™ operating system, and is based on the Android Open Source Project. Our goal is to make the most powerful, and easy-to-use Android experience possible for the laptop, desktop, PC Tablet, and 2-in-1.

Console OS is free software, both for public download, as well as in source code form on GitHub. We welcome you to check out the extensive resources below to learn more about Console OS with Android!



  • Devices - Important Details about Console OS compatibility per-machine
  • Custom PCs - Guidelines for building your own PC that runs Console OS
  • Unsupported Systems - Console OS is currently built to target iconic and popular systems, but it may work for other PCs too

Console OS Lollipop

Console OS Open Source Project

  • Source Code Home Page - Learn more about Console OS in Open Source, or check the links below:
  • Build Instructions - How to configure a build environment, download the source code, and create your first build
  • Contributing - How to commit code and help make Console OS even better
  • Console Developer Rewards - Programs where we are incentivizing contribution



Video Demos




Console OS™ with Android™

  • Production-grade Android on the Desktop
  • Industry-licensed, native Android that can really toggle with Windows on your PC
  • Raising Android up to be your primary PC operating system
  • Creating a touch-optional Android – and touch-friendly for massive multitouch displays
  • Perfect for existing PC tablets and 2-in-1 devices