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Sony VAIO Tap 11

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Device Description

The Sony VAIO Tap 11 is a convertible Ultrabook™ that is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Haswell").

It is notable for being the thinnest device ever built with a 4th Generation Intel Core processor.

Support Status

  • VAIO Tap 11 - Green (Console OS works well on this device)

We fully support the VAIO Tap 11 with Console OS Developer Release 1. NFC does not work currently.. See the NFC section below for more details. Audio may only work via Stereo Bluetooth. We are actively working on these issues.

The display on the VAIO Tap 11 will dim sporadically. This is not directly a Console OS issue, but rather an ACPI bug that Sony fixed in Windows rather than fixing in BIOS, before abandoning the device as part of their PC division spinoff. We will attempt to correct this in future versions. In the mean time, you can use the brightness controls in the status bar periodically to turn the brighness back up.

Additionally, to work around this issue, when plugged in - enable Developer Options and select Stay Awake when Charging. When plugged in, this BIOS issue will not manifest with that option enabled.

Installation Instructions

You must be running the latest BIOS from Sony.com before installing Console OS. We only test and validate Console OS using the latest system BIOS available, and BIOS updates are critical to the performance-tuning of Console OS and the underlying UEFI firmware.

You can install Console OS using the wireless keyboard that is included with the Tap 11.


Screen Dimming

When on automatic brightness, and sometimes even when on manual brightness, the VAIO Tap 11 will darken the screen after several minutes. This is due to aggressive firmware-level ACPI controls meant to conserve battery power.

To workaround this, simply increase the brightness setting. We recommend an app like Power Toggles to do this faster than the secondary menu.

Unfortunately Sony is no longer in the PC business. VAIO was spun off into a company that currently only operates inside Japan. We have not found a contact at the new company to work on resolving this issue in their BIOS. We will evaluate this issue further after transitioning to Android 5.0, Lollipop.


As mentioned in Support Status, the NFC sensor will power up - but does not function currently. We are actively evaluating the best practices to support the most-used PC NFC chipsets in Console OS. We expect this process to continue through (and after) our transition to Android 5.0, Lollipop.

Rotating the Screen

The VAIO Tap 11 has a built-in accelerometer that is supported currently in Console OS. However, due to the calibration of the accelerometer, sometimes the display may not rotate correctly at first turn (no pun intended).

This will happen most often after exiting an app that is only designed to work in portrait mode.

Again, this is not a bug in Console OS. This just happens much more in Console OS than, say, Windows, because Android apps rotate the display much more frequently.

To fix this, lift the Tap 11 gently and tap it a couple of times, like you would a pack of chewing gum. This will tell the Tap 11's accelerometer which direction you are holding the device. The screen will then rotate successfully.

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