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Intel Compute Stick Bay Trail

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Device Description

The Intel Compute Stick is a micro-sized PC based on the Intel Atom "Bay Trail" tablet platform. It is based on an Intel tablet platform, but without display or battery. The device features a full-size USB 2.0 port, and a micro-USB port for power. An HDMI (male) port is exposed on the front of the device, and can be adapted to work with other HDMI and DVI inputs, via adapters. All Compute Stick models also feature a microSDHC slot, supporting up to 128GB of additional storage.

There are two Intel-distributed variants of the Compute Stick that use an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. One features 1GB of RAM and 8GB of Storage, whereas the other features 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage.

There are additional variants of the Compute Stick sold by other OEMs. Unlike the first-party Compute Sticks, most OEM-sold versions lack the ability to change between 32-bit UEFI and 64-bit UEFI - a feature that is very rare amongst BayTrail-T devices sold to consumers (typically due to restrictions imposed by Microsoft).

Intel has announced that Compute Stick will be made available on future processors. As such, we have separated build paths between Compute Stick "Bay Trail" to prepare for future variants. This is to ensure compatibility, as the 32-bit build currently works better on these devices. We hope eventually to consolidate around the 64-bit variant.

Support for Intel Compute Stick was added in Console OS Lollipop.

Intel just began shipping "Cherry Trail" variants of the Compute Stick. We expect to support those in the near future. As noted in the Release Notes, Console OS does not yet support Cherry Trail devices.


Having the latest firmware (BIOS) for your machine is an essential part of making sure Console OS with Android works well.

For Intel-sold Compute Stick versions, you must be running BIOS 0031 or later.

We will update BIOS support and testing for OEM-sold variants of the Compute Stick as we test them.

Updating the BIOS

We recommend using the .BIO variant of the BIOS updates, available from the Intel Download Center. These updates can be copied to a USB flash drive. Rapidly press F7 when booting the Compute Stick, and then select the BIOS update from the flash drive. Since the Compute Stick only has one USB port, you will need to use a USB hub.

Installation Notes

Known Issues

  • HDMI Overscan has not yet been implemented. If possible, us your HDTV's built-in overscan controls to compensate for this.
    • This issue is not isolated to Console OS - all Android devices suffer from this today by default.
    • Intel does offer HDMI Overscan compensation controls for its devices, but we have to integrate that into Console OS. We hope to work with the VPG team at Intel to do this, in the coming months.
  • 64-bit builds currently do not boot on the Compute Stick, even when 64-bit UEFI is enabled in BIOS
    • To workaround this, we currently publish the 32-bit kernel as the default for all compute sticks
    • The 64-bit build is currently flagged as in-development, and is not published to consumers. It is however on GitHub as intel_stick_baytrail_64bit


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