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Console OS is built to target specific, iconic PCs. However, you may find Console OS works just fine on many other PCs too.

Support for specific machines is listed below. You can also check out Unsupported Systems for tips and guidance on how to better prepare your system to run Console OS with Android™.

Just because your PC isn't below, doesn't mean it won't work! You can now test Console OS fully, without modifying your machine - using Console OS Express builds. They are available right alongside the regular version of Console OS, at account.console.com.co - And like Console OS, Console OS Express is free!

Also, be sure to read the general Release Notes as they provide the most current release's late-breaking information.

Systems that are not listed below are not necessarily being ignored - they may not appear because we haven't thoroughly tested or do not have enough confirmations from users to run the device properly. Before installing Console OS, you should check the links below to see if your system needs a BIOS or other firmware update before installing - as well as to see any device-specific release notes for current releases.

Current Target Systems

Console OS is built per-device (other than our generic/testing build target). As such, you should read the device-specific notes below before installing:


These are devices that do not yet work with Console OS, but we are working hard to get up and running in upcoming releases.

System Boards

Building a machine for Console OS? Individual system boards will be certified for Console OS, in concert with industry partners.

Contact us if you are interested in certifying your system board for Console OS.

Don't see your system board or motherboard? It may work just fine with Console OS! Visit our Unsupported Systems page to learn more.


Want to use a device with Console OS? It may or may not work, depending on its Android compatibility. Some PC devices may also need new firmware updates. Devices below have special guidance:

Running into an issue? See something that you think should be on this page? Hit the green Feedback | Contact Us button below and tell us! We’ll aggregate your feedback and integrate it into the support wiki.