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Dell XPS 12

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Device Description

There are three generations of the Dell XPS 12. They appear very similar externally. Both are 2-in-1 convertible tablets, and both are powered by Intel Core processors.

The first-generation Dell XPS 12 (9Q23, Late 2012) model is powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Ivy Bridge").

The second-generation Dell XPS 12 (9Q33, Late 2013) is powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Haswell").

The third-generation Dell XPS 12 is PC tablet with dockable keyboard. It is powered by a sixth-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Skylake").

Support Status

First and second-generation XPS 12 models should work very well with Console OS Lollipop, provided you have installed all available firmware updates (BIOS, display, storage, etc).

Third-generation XPS 12 models are not supported yet. We expect to support them in the Marshmallow release cycle.

Installation Instructions

You must be running the latest BIOS from Dell.com before installing Console OS. We only test and validate Console OS using the latest system BIOS available, and BIOS updates are critical to the performance-tuning of Console OS and the underlying UEFI firmware.



The NFC sensor does not function currently. We are actively evaluating the best practices to support the most-used PC NFC chipsets in Console OS.

Rotating the Screen

The XPS 12 has a built-in accelerometer that is supported currently in Console OS. However, due to the calibration of the accelerometer, some times the display may not rotate correctly at first turn (no pun intended).

This will happen most often after exiting an app that is only designed to work in portrait mode.

Again, this is not a bug in Console OS. This just happens much more in Console OS than, say, Windows, because Android apps rotate the display much more frequently.

To fix this, lift the XPS 12 gently and tap it a couple of times, like you would a pack of chewing gum. This will tell the XPS 12's accelerometer which direction you are holding the device. The screen will then rotate successfully.

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