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Dell XPS 11

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Device Description

The Dell XPS 11 is a 2-in-1 convertible tablets, and powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Haswell").

Support Status

  • XPS 11 - Green (Console OS works well on this device)

Console OS DR1 is fully supported on the XPS 11.

The only major feature known to not work is NFC. See the NFC section below for details.

Installation Instructions

You must be running the latest BIOS from Dell.com before installing Console OS. We only test and validate Console OS using the latest system BIOS available, and BIOS updates are critical to the performance-tuning of Console OS and the underlying UEFI firmware.

However, due to a bug in the latest XPS 11 BIOS, the Installer and the built-in keyboard don't play nice together.

We have worked around this inside of Console OS itself - Your XPS 11's keyboard will come to life after installing Console OS.

For just the installation of Console OS, you'll need to grab a USB keyboard to run the installer. Plug the keyboard in alongside the Console OS install flash drive when booting the machine, and use that. Once the installer completes, you can remove the USB keyboard - it won't be needed again.

We apologize for this, we expect to have a workaround for the installer ready by Developer Release 2.

And again, the built-in keyboard will work just fine with Console OS after completing installation.

Before installing, fully read the Release Notes - Including creating a Windows Recovery Drive, and disabling Secure Boot, as well as creating a Console OS Install Flash Drive.

To install Console OS, rapidly press the F12 key when booting the machine. Make sure a USB keyboard is connected (per the notes above) Make sure the Console OS Install Flash Drive that you built per the Release Notes is inserted prior to powering the machine up.

If the Console OS Install Flash Drive does not show up in the F12 boot menu, this is typically due to the XPS 11 not waiting long enough for your USB flash drive to enumerate. To work around this, press Control-Alt-Delete and try again. Do not cold boot the machine in this situation.


Touch Screen / Cursor Loss

Rarely, we have observed Console OS DR1 will not enumerate the cursor and/or touch screen.

Power cycling (turning the machine off and back on) will typically resolve this issue. This issue will only present itself during boot, and it happens rarely.

We have isolated this to a race condition in the kernel and expect to have it fixed after we transition to Android 5.0, Lollipop.


As mentioned in Support Status, the NFC sensor will power up - but does not function currently. We are actively evaluating the best practices to support the most-used PC NFC chipsets in Console OS. We expect this process to continue through (and after) our transition to Android 5.0, Lollipop.

Waking From Display Sleep

If you wake the device by tapping on the keyboard or trackpad, the keyboard may illuminate but the display remains dark. This happens periodically due to the machine mimicking the sleep states of a traditional tablet.

To fix this, quickly slide the power switch. The display should then illuminate this.

Disabling the lock screen (setting Lock Screen to None in the Settings app, under the Security section) will reduce the occurrence of this.

Rotating the Screen

The XPS 11 has a built-in accelerometer that is supported currently in Console OS. However, due to the calibration of the accelerometer, some times the display may not rotate correctly at first turn (no pun intended).

This will happen most often after exiting an app that is only designed to work in portrait mode.

Again, this is not a bug in Console OS. This just happens much more in Console OS than, say, Windows, because Android apps rotate the display much more frequently.

To fix this, lift the XPS 11 gently and tap it a couple of times, like you would a pack of chewing gum. This will tell the XPS 11's accelerometer which direction you are holding the device. The screen will then rotate successfully.

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