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Clevo W740SU

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Device Description

The Clevo W740SU is a laptop powered by a 4th Generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Haswell"). This laptop is notable for its use of Intel Iris Pro HD 5200 graphics (formerly "Crystal Well").

This laptop is branded and re-sold by other companies. Notably it is sold also as the Sager NP2740 and System76 Galago UltraPro. Please see the bottom of this article for important notes about Galago UltraPro. It may also be sold under other brands in other regions worldwide.

Support Status

Console OS Lollipop has been tested and is supported for the Clevo W740SU family, with exception of the System76 Galago UltraPro. See the bottom section for Galago UltraPro-specific notes and options.


Custom BIOS Update

While building Console OS, we identified BIOS issues with the Clevo W740SU that were exposed by Console OS.

We have worked with Clevo, and are proud to offer our very first BIOS update in coordination with an OEM. Because of Clevo's unique sales process, we are offering the BIOS directly on our site, and have tested it with most W740SU variants.

Please note that installing this BIOS may remove the vendor-specific splash screen, and replaces it with a generic splash screen. Because this BIOS is supported by Clevo, it will not void your warranty, unless installing on the Galago UltraPro (see below).

This BIOS improves support for running Console OS on your machine. Additionally, it resolves issues with using the Iris Pro GPU while on battery power, even in other operating systems such as Windows.

To install this update, you must copy it to a USB flash drive and boot from it. To do this, you must go into BIOS settings and toggle off UEFI booting, switching to legacy BIOS booting temporarily. After running the flash.bat executable from the DOS prompt, your machine will reboot when completed. After the update is successful, change the BIOS boot setting back to UEFI mode.

Before installing, fully read the Release Notes - Including creating a Windows Recovery Drive, and disabling Secure Boot, as well as creating a Console OS Install Flash Drive.

System76 Galago UltraPro

System76 is an OEM that focuses on selling Ubuntu-compatible machines.

The System76 Galago UltraPro has a broken layer of support for UEFI. At the time the Galago UltraPro launched, Ubuntu's support for UEFI was sub-par. To this day, System76 has taken steps to disable UEFI in its system BIOS.

The current Galago UltraPro BIOS does offer a prompt to load a UEFI shell, but that prompt does nothing when selected. System76 says it has no plans to correct this.

Console OS requires UEFI firmware. As such, the Galago UltraPro will only work with Console OS if you flash it with a BIOS that is not approved by System76. While we have tested this process and found it to be safe, you should only proceed with caution. System76 will likely consider your warranty void if you attempt this - currently there is no posted BIOS from System76, nor is it possible to backup the BIOS currently and restore it later.

While flashing alternative firmware in and of itself does not void a warranty in the United States, the inability to restore System76's BIOS does give them potential grounds to void your warranty.

Furthermore, any time you flash a BIOS there is inherent risk of failure. We assume no liability if you attempt this process, including any data or property lost. Yes, the lawyers made us say that. You must backup your Ubuntu installation and any files on the machine, before attempting to flash an unsupported BIOS.

The special BIOS that we developed in coordination with Clevo, that we have posted above in the installation notes, will install on Galago UltraPro models. If you are okay with all of the above, continue on to the subsection below!

Installation Steps for Galago UltraPro

Our recommended installation path is to install Console OS onto a cheap mSATA SSD. You can find 64GB models for under $64 today. This will allow you to maintain your Ubuntu installation on the 2.5-inch HDD drive, and enjoy extremely fast speeds for Console OS and Android apps via the mSATA drive.

Noting the cautions above (including our waiver of any liability), our installation guidance is to take the following steps:

  • Backup all data on the machine.
  • Flash the Console OS Clevo BIOS linked in the general installation steps above.
  • Install Console OS using the standard installation steps - allow it to install on the entire target drive.

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