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Device Description

The ASUS X200 family is a BayTrail-M based laptop, which features a built-in touchscreen display. It is one of the most direct descendents of the original ASUS EeePad netbook.

This laptop is not to be confused with the ASUS X205, which while very similar in external appearance, is very different in internals.

The X200 features traditional PC hardware such as a SATA-based HDD/SSD internal port, and a mini-PCIe slot, whereas the X205 is based on the Transformer Book T100's internals, and BayTrail-T platform.


Having the latest firmware (BIOS) for your machine is an essential part of making sure Console OS with Android works well.

Updating the BIOS

ASUS only provides a method to update the BIOS from within Windows. They do not have a path for updating the BIOS from Linux, or Android. We strongly recommend updating the BIOS before making any attempt to install Console OS.

We encourage people to send feedback to ASUS, asking for them to provide OS Agnostic flash drive BIOS update methods - as most PC makers now do.

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, you may have difficulty updating the BIOS using the Windows flash tool that ASUS provides. To fix this, you need to install the ATKPackage (typically under the ACPI tab) from support.asus.com.

From there, download the Windows BIOS Utility (available on the same site) and applicable BIOS version. Because of the tablet's design, you should backup all data before installing. If the BIOS update fails for some reason, it may not be possible to extract data from the eMMC solid state drive integrated in the system.

Upgrading Wi-Fi

Console OS works best with Intel-built Wi-Fi radios, specifically the 3160 and 7260. The X200 can be upgraded to Intel Wi-Fi very easily, with a philips-head screwdriver and minimal effort. We strongly encourage future-proofing your X200 by upgrading the Wi-Fi card with an Intel 7260-AC Wi-Fi radio.

Installation Notes

Known Issues

  • Camera is not currently functioning


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