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OpenHU Source Code

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Compiling OpenHU

This is a very, very early draft. You will need to do considerable footwork to get the app to compile... we're working on making it easier.


OpenHU is a direct continuation of Mike Reid's Android Auto Head Unit app. He built the app using ant from the command line. It was originally built prior to Android Studio.

It is a high priority for us to migrate to a Gradle-and-Studio build structure, embracing Android Studio. We have not even started on that effort.

If you're new to Android, and have built using Android Studio exclusively, that means you'll need to install some tools. Specifically, you'll need to install Oracle JDK 7, Eclipse, the Android API v21 (Lollipop) SDK, the Android NDK, and ant.

We have successfully built OpenHU, in its current form, on Linux and macOS / OS X. We have not built it successfully on Windows, but it may be straightforward to do so.


Until we do a round of cleanup, you're best off matching the late Mike Reid's build environment. The configuration for this is inside the build_headunit script.

Theoretically, you should just be able to invoke ./build_headunit and have a successful build.

In practice, you will have to undergo several rebuilds until you can match Mike's environment. Over time, we hope to both make this easier, and provide a reproducible step-by-step.

Google Play

Please read the Google Play section at the bottom of OpenHU Builds, for an explanation of why you shouldn't, as a developer, attempt to submit this app to Google Play.


We've created an OpenHU project forum where both users and developers can support one-another. We encourage you to post questions and answer other people's questions there.