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OpenHU Project Management

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Project Plan & Milestones

This is very, very early rough-draft porting from the final work Mike Reid contributed, and our conversations with him before his passing.

  • Early Phase 1 - Cleanup build process, create an easy step-by-step guide, and adjust makefiles to embrace a standalone compile process
  • Early Phase 2 - Migrate from Ant & Eclipse to Gradle & Android Studio
  • Bughunt - Add x86-clean (w/o Houdini) building, improve ADB reliability, and evaluate official Wi-Fi mode support
  • Major Revision - Migrate NDK code over to JNI and ART for future Android OS version compatibility (likely required to run OpenHU server atop Android N final release, due to security changes to ADB server - unless Google adds an NDK ADB passthrough)


As noted on the License file on GitHub, OpenHU is currently licensed under GPLv3 Affero. It was Mike Reid's original intention to not accept outside commits, and license the code using other licenses when companies, and use cases, arose that may not warrant GPLv3 Affero.

Obviously, Mike Reid's passing complicates this significantly.

At Console, we are working on contacting Mike Reid's next of kin, and getting permission to relicense the project under GPLv2 or GPLv3. Since Mike Reid's code represented 100% of our initial GitHub posting, we do not need to seek permission from others.

Also as noted in the License (and GitHub pages), we only will accept community code pushes if the developer is willing to license under GPLv2 and GPLv3, at our discretion. If you are not comfortable with this, do not submit a pull request to our GitHub.

If we are unable to obtain authorization from Mike Reid's next of kin (or authorized representative), we will continue development under GPL Affero exclusively. We realize some commercial developers are not comfortable with the Affero license, so this is a high priority for us.

Long-term Wants/Needs/Requests

No plans to even evaluate for foreseeable future, just community brainstorming from the forums and elsewhere. Any reasonably good idea shared with us, will go here.

  • Open-source Client? - Replacement for Android Auto client app
  • Bluetooth PAN Connectivity - Instantly pair, connect, and use Bluetooth for video frame transfer
  • Integrated OpenHU apps pushed to client - OBD2 diagnostics/status, Torque integration, connected services, etc