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Custom PCs

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If you're building your own PC, first of all, congratulations! We love that people contact us asking if they can run Console OS with Android on a PC that they built themselves.

The answer is, yes you can, but with some limitations.

For starters, you have to use an Intel CPU. AMD has not embraced the Android on PC community, but we hope to continue to dialogue with them in the future.

Second, the Intel CPU matters. Specifically, third-generation "Ivy Bridge" and fourth-generation "Haswell" CPUs work best today. Intel Atom "Bay Trail" CPUs also will work. We don't recommend going older than that.

With Marshmallow, we expect to begin supporting fifth-generation "Broadwell" and sixth-generation "Skylake" systems.

Motherboard: Your motherboard must support UEFI. This matters if you're building an older Intel CPU system. We also recommend selecting a motherboard with mini-PCIe for Wi-Fi (see below). Finally, Console OS requires the ability to use the Intel GPU. If you choose to add an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, you should select a motherboard that gives you the option to disable/bypass the discreet GPU and use the Intel GPU - without having to remove the graphics card.

Bluetooth: Most Bluetooth dongles will work.

Ethernet: DHCP internet will work with most Ethernet NIC cards, and USB-to-Ethernet adapters. However, Console OS (along with AOSP upstream) lacks Ethernet controls for static IPs. While Console OS KitKat offered in-depth Ethernet settings, that depended on a framework that Intel discontinued in 2015, forcing us to remove the feature. We hope to re-add support for full Ethernet controls with Android N.

NFC: Some motherboards are now shipping with NFC. Unfortunately, PCs use different NFC chipsets than most Android devices. As a result, NFC probably will not work currently if your motherboard offers it.

Wi-Fi: We recommend using Intel 3160 or 7260 cards, they are the best supported and tend to have the best Linux performance. Both cards require a mini-PCIe slot. If you do not have a mini-PCIe slot, you can use a PCIe 1x to mini-PCIe adapter.

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