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Unsupported Systems

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Console OS can run on a lot of machines. First, check the Devices section to see which devices we support, or are actively working on supporting.

If you don't have a supported system, you may still be able to run Console OS.

The good news, with Console OS Lollipop, is we now offer a super-easy version of Console OS that runs totally from a flash drive. We call it Console OS Express. It's different from the "live" distributions of Android, in that it's easier to install, and writeable.

You can download Console OS Express right next to the standard builds of Console OS at account.console.com.co - Simply copy those files to a flash drive, and boot from the flash drive. You will need to disable UEFI Secure Boot in your BIOS, but that's about it!

With Console OS Express, you can quickly and easily test to see if your machine can run Console OS. But continue on to see what we support - and how to make a few tweaks to your system that can make it run better.

First, know what we support

Console OS Lollipop supports the following processors:

  • Second-generation Intel Core (formerly "Sandy Bridge")
  • Third-generation Intel Core (formerly "Ivy Bridge")
  • Fourth-generation Intel Core (formerly "Haswell")
  • Intel Atom 64-bit processors (formerly "Bay Trail")

Support for fifth-generation "Broadwell" and sixth-generation "Skylake" Intel processors, as well Atom "Cherry Trail" CPUs is on-track for the Marshmallow release cycle.

For Console OS we recommend Intel 3160 and Intel 7260 Wi-Fi. A top focus of upcoming releases will be to add support for more chipsets. If you have a laptop which doesn't feature these awesome, superior Wi-Fi chipsets - don't panic. You may want to upgrade to an Intel 7260-AC for future-proofing. It typically takes only 15 minutes with a philips screwdriver to do on most laptops, and it typically will greatly improve reception and performance of your laptop. Please check your specific laptop online for steps on how to do this.

Desktop users, you may have a mini-PCIe slot on your system board. You can also use a PCIe to mini-PCIe adapter.

Finally, if all else fails, you can use a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Currently we only support using the ASUS WL-330NUL. We are also working on expanding USB Wi-Fi chipset support in upcoming releases.

We do support most Realtek ethernet chipsets. You can also optionally use an Ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter if that works for you too. Again, we know you want us to support more Wi-Fi chipsets... we have to get to Android 5.0, Lollipop first.

Know what we don't support

Currently, we don't support AMD processors. We also don't support AMD or NVIDIA graphics currently.

Don't blame us! AMD and NVIDIA both have made statements recently that they intend to double-down on their open-source drivers. Neither offers a closed-source Android for PC driver that is compatible with their desktop GPUs. As soon as the former (or the latter!) emerges, we can begin supporting them.

If your laptop's BIOS supports disabling the AMD or NVIDIA discreet GPU, and has an Intel CPU, it will probably work with Console OS.

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