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Source Code

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Console OS is not currently open source. We are working on that. Our transition to Lollipop has opened the doors to taking Console OS open-source. We are discussing with relevant partners and projects the best path to take there. We want to see Android on the PC become a commercial success, mixing AOSP with the best tools available to achieve that goal. We expect in the first and second quarters of this year to complete that process.

In the mean time, below are kernel sources and other GPL-related assets that we may post from time to time. These are only useful to developers, they are not copies of Console OS. See other sections of this site, and ConsoleOS.com on obtaining Console OS.

Kernel Sources

  • Lollipop Technical Preview - Linux kernel code from our Lollipop Technical Preview for select Intel Atom (formerly "Bay Trail") devices.
  • Console OS DR1 - Linux kernel code from Console OS Developer Release 1 (DR1), supporting both Intel Core and Intel Atom systems.