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OpenHU Project Management

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Project Plan & Milestones

This is very, very early rough-draft porting from the final work Mike Reid contributed, and our conversations with him before his passing.

  • Early Phase 1 - Cleanup build process, create an easy step-by-step guide, and adjust makefiles to embrace a standalone compile process
  • Early Phase 2 - Migrate from Ant & Eclipse to Gradle & Android Studio
  • Bughunt - Add x86-clean (w/o Houdini) building, improve ADB reliability, and evaluate official Wi-Fi mode support
  • Major Revision - Migrate NDK code over to JNI and ART for future Android OS version compatibility (likely required to run OpenHU server atop Android N final release, due to security changes to ADB server - unless Google adds an NDK ADB passthrough)

Long-term Wants/Needs/Requests

No plans to even evaluate for foreseeable future, just community brainstorming from the forums and elsewhere. Any reasonably good idea shared with us, will go here.

  • Open-source Client? - Replacement for Android Auto client app
  • Bluetooth PAN Connectivity - Instantly pair, connect, and use Bluetooth for video frame transfer
  • Integrated OpenHU apps pushed to client - OBD2 diagnostics/status, Torque integration, connected services, etc