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About OpenHU

OpenHU is an app that enables your Android tablet to function as an Android Auto receiver, in your car. It is an open-source app, originally created by Mike Reid. Since his passing, we've taken over development of the app, and are committed to continuing its development in open-source.

OpenHU is the formal project name, but is an abbreviation that stands for Open Head Unit for Android Auto. Because Android Auto is a trademark of Google, we typically avoid direct references unless necessary to explain how the app works, or to the Android Auto protocol where fair use would naturally prevail.

Android Auto is a closed-source app, and unfortunately is not an open-source part of the Android Open Source Project. We hope that changes in the future! However, Android Auto is built using open-source technologies and protocols, hence the community (pioneered by the late Mike Reid), was able to reverse engineer the Android Auto protocol, and create an open-source head unit application. The OpenHU Project is a continuation of that groundbreaking effort.

This project is in its very early stages. We need your help to keep it going, as we never planned on taking over development. Without the help of the Android developer community, we can't keep this going ourselves. To that end, we're realigning and rebooting our Console Developer Rewards initiative, to reward indie developers for their FOSS contributions to OpenHU.

For now, check out the pages below for details and information about OpenHU: