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Microsoft Surface Pro

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Console OS > Wiki > Devices > Microsoft Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2

Device Description

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a family of 2-in-1 laptop/tablet convertibles.

Surface Pro (original generation) is powered by a third-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Ivy Bridge").

Surface Pro 2 & 3 are powered by a fourth-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Haswell").

Surface Pro 4 is powered by either a fifth-generation Intel Core processor (formerly "Broadwell") or an Intel Core M processor.

Known Issues

Console OS Lollipop has a known issue with Wi-Fi on the Surface Pro. We are are testing a fix and hope to resolve this in the next couple of weeks.

Instructions Before Running Console OS

You must run Windows Update manually, until it reports no updates available. This is necessary because Windows Update handles firmware for Surface Pro devices. Running the latest UEFI firmware on your Surface Pro is critical to the device running Console OS properly.

Before booting Console OS, you need to disable Secure Boot. To disable UEFI Secure Boot, you need to power the Surface Pro off. Hold down the Volume Up key while pressing Power. You will be taken to the Surface Pro firmware settings where you can disable Secure Boot.


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