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Intel NUC DE3815

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Device Description

The Intel Next Unit of Computing DE3815 (formerly "Thin Canyon") is a small form-factor PC desktop, powered by a single-core 64-bit Intel Atom processor (formerly "Bay Trail").

The DE3815 is notable because of its low-cost, passively cooled structure. It is amongst the lowest-cost PCs with a 2.5-inch hard drive bay, and has no moving parts.

Support Status

  • NUC DE3815 - Green (Console OS works well on this device)

We fully support the Intel NUC DE3815 with Console OS Developer Release 1. Audio output may have problems, particularly over HDMI. This is a known issue.

Some users have reported issues recently with the built-in Ethernet on this NUC. We are investigating.

You must be running either an Intel 3160 or Intel 7260 family Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card. We expect to add support for additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets in future releases.

Note that this machine places a strong favor on silence over performance. For those seeking a more powerful experience, we recommend the DN2820 NUC.

The DE3815 NUC will play basic Android games well, but may not handle some Android games and apps that are targeted towards mainstream "Bay Trail" Android tablets. It will, however, decode high-compression video passively, making it excellent for silent media playback.

Installation Instructions

You must be running the latest BIOS from Intel.com before installing Console OS. We only test and validate Console OS using the latest system BIOS available, and BIOS updates are critical to the performance-tuning of Console OS and the underlying UEFI firmware.


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