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Console OS Wiki:About

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Introducing the Wiki for Console OS with Android™ Inside.


We’ve taken Android apart, and put it back together for your PC. Console OS is a fork of Android designed to take everything that has made mobile awesome, and bring it back to your PC.

The Console OS engineering team and others will be using this wiki to broadcast info and updates about the developer release of Console OS.



CEO at Mobile Media Ventures, Inc., and Founder of iConsole.tv, Christopher Price leads the team behind Console OS with Android™ Inside, rebuilding Android™ to be a primary operating system for the PC and x86 tablets.


Mobile Media Ventures, Inc. is the home of iConsole.tv. MMV has operated as a stealth startup that is quietly opening up the gaming console, and waging war on the walled gardens in technology today.


The most powerful Android device on the market today, and with a dev kit that smokes any Android-powered device shipped to-date, iConsole.tv reinvents the gaming console and delivers unprecedented horsepower to your HDTV.