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Pantech UML295

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The Pantech UML295 works with Console OS, but only when the latest firmware is installed.

Unfortunately, in some scenarios, the UML295 may report that it has the latest firmware, or reports that the latest firmware is not available to update anymore.

If you attempt to update the UML295 from inside OS X or Linux, you will get an error that the firmware update is ‘no longer available’

In reality, you need to run the update from a Windows PC, with the Verizon “enhanced” background app, not the web portal view. In addition to providing a native status bar, the "enhanced" interface installs a background app on your Windows PC that enables the firmware update to complete.

This is particularly confusing because the update notes don’t mention it, the update will fail with an erroneous error otherwise, and previous updates were possible from the web interface.

Once you have updated to the latest firmware, it should enumerate as a USB Ethernet device when running on Linux, and will work with Console OS as a local DHCP server.

The UML295 is our recommended way of getting online with Verizon 4G LTE on Console OS devices. It is also an option for devices where Wi-Fi is not working currently as a diagnostic tool (one we utilize in-house).