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Device Description

The MSI Z87I is a motherboard supporting 4th Generation Intel Core processors (formerly "Haswell"). It uses an Intel Z87 chipset.

Support Status

Console OS DR1 works generally with Console OS on all 4th Generation Intel Core processors. Pentium and Celeron processors based on Haswell are untested with this board.

Most Z87I variants were sold with an Intel 7260-AC Wi-Fi card. This card is supported by Console OS DR1. However, some Z87I units were sold with alternative Wi-Fi cards that Console OS does not currently support. As such, you will need to replace the Wi-Fi card with a 7260-AC or Intel 3160 Wi-Fi card for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to function. You also can alternatively use Ethernet (which is also functional) and an Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridge.

You must be running BIOS 1.80 or later for Console OS to function properly. See the Known Issues section (below) for more details.

Known Issues

On some displays, the Console OS bootloader will not appear under DR1. This is a known issue. As such, we recommend installing Console OS to a USB 3.0 hard disk drive with this system.

You can then press F11 during startup to select the USB hard disk drive, and boot from it.

Waking from sleep may take an extended amount of time. We are investigating the reasons why. Until a fix is available, go to Developer Options and enable Stay Awake While Charging. This should prevent the system from sleeping.


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