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Intel Graphics Source Bulletin

A Note About Intel Graphics Licensing

Console, Inc. recently discovered that code on Intel's GitHub (https://github.com/android-ia) contained an "Intel Confidential" license. These drivers are part of the graphics driver set for Android on Intel Architecture. Console OS with Android depends on these drivers, and this code is mirrored on our GitHub.

Most of the affected files have been on Intel's public GitHub for over half a year - a few were posted up to a year ago.

To be clear, Console did not accidentally release Intel confidential code, this was an error rooted in Intel's public GitHub repository. Console is a licensor of the Intel Android BSP, and is the first startup to do so. As such, we have to be crystal clear with everyone that we didn't make an error on this, because as a startup, we're always on thin ice.

We are coordinating a resolution with Intel.

UFO is an essential driver set for Android to work well on Intel hardware. It is deployed on every shipping Intel Android tablet today. We depend on UFO Gen 7, Gen 8, and Gen 9 drivers - or it just can't do great stuff like OpenGL ES 3 graphics, or handle HDMI/DisplayPort connections properly.

We are working with Intel to either re-release the files in pre-compiled form, or revise those affected source code files with an open-source license.

At this time, as good stewards of open-source software, we have disabled the affected drivers in our source code repository. While we have not removed the impacted files, we have defaulted to Mesa, the open-source graphics libraries. Mesa is not fully Android-compatible, and Intel does not support Android with Mesa formally at this time, but it can be compiled without concern.

As such, certain devices such as the Dell Venue 8 Pro may not build properly via GitHub-based compilations of Console OS.

We expect to re-enable these files shortly in our build paths, including on our GitHub - along with Gen 9 UFO graphics drivers to support 6th Generation Core (formerly "Skylake") and next-generation Atom (formerly "Broxton") devices.

We are posting this memo to explain why these drivers are disabled in our build paths, and to advise you if you base your code on Intel's Android-IA GitHub, or ours. You may wish to consider avoiding these files in your projects, until a full resolution has been implemented.

Affected files/repositories:

Current Status

Updates on this situation will be posted here. We appreciate that Intel acted quickly on our discovery of this situation, and has consistently engaged with us to resolve it as soon as possible.